Thiago Bellini Ribeiro

Ribeirão preto · SP, Brazil · +55 16 99154-9386 ·

More than 10 years of experience with software development, being very enthusiastic of bleeding edge technology. Highly proficient Linux user for personal and professional needs since 2006. Always eager to learn something new!




Software solutions focusing on agility, transparency and innovation.

I'm a co-founder of the company.

January 2018 - Present

DevOps Engineer

Async Open Source

Mostly responsible for implementing, maintaining and improving Stoq's cloud infrastructure.

Was also responsible for managing a good amount of the company internal infrastructure, which was a combination of local and cloud servers that was hosting:

Some technologies involved: Gerrit, Jenkins, Haproxy,, Canonical Juju, etc.

January 2015 - June 2017

Software Engineer

Async Open Source

Mostly involved with Stoq development. Was responsible for doing a lot of large customizations and some complex activities for the project. Accordingly to github, I'm one of the top contributors to some of the main projects (stoq, kiwikiwi, stoq-server).

Just before leaving the company, I ported all the source code (500k+ lines of code) from python2 to python3 and also from GTK2 to GTK3.

January 2011 - June 2017

Software Developer

NowSecure Inc.

Acted as a software developer on behalf of Async Open Source.

Was hired to port the whole NowSecure Forensics Suite (formerly viaExtract) and NowSecure App Testing (formerly viaLab) from GTK2 to GTK3.

After that, I helped improving the Forensics Suite, majorly with tasks that involved the GUI.

Although the major part of my work was made to proprietary software, there's one component that was open sourced, the datagrid-gtk3, which can show some of my contributions to the project.

December 2014 - September 2015


Universidade de São paulo (USP)

Bachelor, Information Systems
2015 - 2017


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Good at solving hard and almost impossible problems
  • Writes clean and reusable code as much as possible
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Apart from my career, I enjoy gaming at my free time. Sometimes I'll hang at my living room playing some Playstation, sometimes I'll play a match of Dota 2 in my computer.

I'm also always eager to go out and have some nice beers! My favorite kind is IPA.

I used to spend more time outdoors, but reduced that since I broke my femur in a bike accident. I'm planning on coming back though!